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Alien in my Toilet Trading Card Series
There's An Alien in my Toilet Trade Paperback ©
There's an Alien in my Toilet © 2010

Writer / Artist: Samuel Vera BW/ 175 Pgs / All Ages Price: $18.00 6.75 x 10.25 Crazee Comics

Order Today ISBN: 9780615182827

The most advanced, superior mind in the Universe is on a mission to Earth. His goal is to determine if we are a threat to his homeworld "Uranus". Is Earth prepared for Captain Doodie or has he underestimated our simple race? He certainly never expected to meet Herman the chihuahua. Or the turtle, the squirrels, wolves, snakes, government operatives... Boy is he in for a wild ride...

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There's an Alien in my Toilet Preview
I'm very glad the powers-that-be at Crazee have put together this great TPB. - Aint it Cool
There's an Alien in My Toilet is pretty much straight up screwball comedy.
- Kert McAfee
There's An Alien in my Toilet is a multifarious romp into some fun, adventure and hilarious misfortune! I absolutely love it!
- Paul Dale Roberts
You'll love this fish-out-of-water alien comic
A nice lighthearted read.
- Indy Comic
I simply love Herman
- New Jersey Journa
It's fun all ages entertainment, while having the requisite bite to keep adults coming back for more.
- Heroic Times
Got it. Read it. Loved it.
- Circle of Confusion
Cosmic Wars Trade Paperback ©

Writer / Artist: Samuel Vera BW/ 86 Pgs / Young Adult Price: $10.00 6.75 x 10.25 Crazee Comics

Imagine a Universe filled with many life forms and legendary worlds with sinister histories. Worlds where magic and science collide, changing the pattern of evolution. Imagine a dangerous legion brought on by the deadly ambitions of a ruthless tyrant, whose demise could not kill the legacy of Evil. A Universe where an army of rogue's lay impatiently for the downfall of the latest ruler of "The Dark Throne".

Imagine a lone planet holding onto the dream of a free galaxy, championed by a warrior breed for war. This lone figure holds the key to rallying the unity of a galaxy.

Now imagine a fallen hero with darkness descending upon the cosmos...

These are the ingredients which make up a "COSMIC WAR"...


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Preview Cosmic Wars
Critics 1
Rod Serling once said that some of his Twilight Zone episodes came from his imagination, if he was still alive and could read Cosmic Wars, he would blink in amazement!
- Paul Dale Roberts JazmaOnline
The dialogue and the narration exhibit skill and polish. I can name several books from DC that fail on that front.
- Silver Bullet Comics
Cosmic Wars is definitely a breath of fresh air in a medium where independent creators reach often is longer then their grasp.
- Shawn O'Rourke Pop Matters
An interesting introduction to a Universe spanning conflict with the requiste princess, warrior, and fallen hero archetypes. - Indy Comic Review
Forbidden by Samuel Vera © 2010

Issue #0 (Cover may differ due to stock level)
Created / Written by: Samuel Vera
Cover: Samuel Vera
Art: Anibal Arroyo
Letters: Jorge Medina
Colors: Samuel Vera $10.00 6.75 x 10.25 Crazee Comics

For centuries they’ve hidden, lost forever to the world. Buried beneath the confines of a curse cast upon the sins of their fathers. Now, one will challenge that very curse which has enslaved a people. Standing in opposition of a mighty ruler, a revered King, defying all that has been built to protect them. One man… one vision… one chance to escape the evil or risk destroying everything. Walk with me as I take you on a journey into the Forbidden…


Forbidden Preview
The story to Forbidden banks on a scifi staple, but it does so in an intriguing fantasy setting with good, strong dialogue from the characters.
Samuel Vera displays a definite triumph with Forbidden #0! Samuel is top of his form with this story
- Paul Dale Roberts
Fans of fantasy and independent comics can rejoice. Forbidden #0 sets the stage for a promising
They might have a winner on their hands with Forbidden
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There's an Alien in my Toilet available at Amazon Borders and Barnes and Noble. Distributed by Haven and Partners Publishers Group
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