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Scary Aerie © 2010

Writer / Creator: Samuel Vera Art: Big Cat Studios Editor: Adeli Brito Published by Crazee Comics

B&W 53 pages $5.00 Kids 4-12

There are stories of a little girl named Arianna LeBlanc who was really a Witch and made the kids of a small community in Colorado disappear. When Desiree's mom Vernie shares the tale with Desi and her friends, will this be the beginning of another scary adventure?

Was Aerie really a Witch? Only one way to find out.


Critics 1
Scary, engaging and cool. Scary Aerie is the perfect tale to haunt your imagination! Book review by Lisa Barker,
Mandie Pandie in the Curfew © 2010

Writer / Creator: Samuel Vera Illustrations: Hector Rodriguez Colors: Big Cat Studios BW/ 32 Pgs / Kids 4-12 Price: $5.00 Crazee Comics

"Mandie Pandie in the Curfew" Vol #1

Little Mandie Pandie decides she wants to stay up past her bed time and watch a scary movie. Well the movie was so scary it takes Mandie and her stuffed animal friends into a nightmare world. Now Mandie and her friends must escape the clutches of a Witch, goblins, ghouls and ghosts. Does she make it back to her bedroom? What does she learn from this experience? This is a tale of spookiness and fun.




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Critics 1
A great read for ages 4-8. Vera’s Story and Rodriguez' illustrations are laughable and quite expressive, making this page turner more silly than scary, but he gets the point across. Book review by Lisa Barker,
The Oogoolie Boogoolies © 2010
The Oogoolie Boogoolies © 2010

The Oogoolie Boogoolies
Created / Written by: Samuel Vera
Artist: David Quiles
$5.00B&W Kids Ages 4-12 Crazee Comics

Remember when you were a kid and you heard about all of those things that go bump in the night? Well, for this one boy it all comes true. Journey into a spooky tale of monsters in the closet, under the bed, in the bathroom and more. This nursery rhyme is sure to give you goose bumps.

Distributor cominc soon.

The Advehtures of Cosmic Gorf © 2010
The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf ©

The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf © 2010
Created / Written by: Samuel Vera
Cover: Samuel Vera
Art: Empro
B&W 44 pgs Samuel Vera $5.00 Kids 4-12 Crazee Comics

In a far off Galaxy, on the planet Krystalia, a daring student of the Academy convinces the heir to the kingdom; Princess Reyna to embark on the adventure of their lives. They never anticipated the danger ahead nor the company of young Doodarius from the planet Uranus. Get ready to join them on a wild ride of fun and adventure.


Another fun and hilarious adventure from Samuel Vera. Doodie fans will love The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf. These little comics are easy to read, hooking the reader with gag after gag.
Book review by Lisa Barker,
Doodies Adventures © 2010
Doodie's Adventures © 2010

Doodie's Adventures
Created / Written by: Samuel Vera
Art / Interior: Samuel Vera
B&W $5.00 44 pgs Kids 4-12 Crazee Comics

Every day, young Doodarius must deal with a school bully. He decides the only way to stop this Diabolical Egomaniac Overlord Nemesis Pooh-Pooh, is to call upon his alter ego "Super Doodie". But wait, is he really a super hero? Hmm?

A Spin-off series from the Critically Acclaimed Comic Book "There's an Alien in my Toilet" from creator Samuel Vera

Distributer Coming Soon

Hilarious! Get back at bullies by escaping into Doodie’s world of adventure and bathroom humor where Doodie is a kickin’ superhero. Book review by Lisa Barker,
Arrghh! © 2010
Arrghh! © 2010

Created / Written by: Samuel Vera
Art / Interior: Samuel Vera
B&W $7.00 72 pgs Kids 6-12 Crazee Comics

A wealthy family in the small but prestigious town of Weston Massachusetts decided to have another child. The husband, Daniel Dagney had his reservations because of a decades old superstition. Against his better judgment he agreed and a child was born. "Arrghh!" became the name of the thing which Dana Dagney bore that fateful afternoon. All records of the child were erased and just as fast as it came to this world, it was swept off into isolation, never to be seen again.

All of their efforts could not prevent them from knowing of “Arrghh’s!” existence. They will come for him and force his fulfillment of his destiny. The wrong decision can end the world as we know it.

Distributer Coming Soon

Arrghh! © 2010 Samuel Vera
There's an Alien in my Toilet can be found at these fine locations. Crazee Comics distributed by Partners Publishers Group and Haven Distributors
There's an Alien in my Toilet available at Amazon Borders and Barnes and Noble. Distributed by Haven and Partners Publishers Group
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